Julie L - An amusing Irish woman that is a very happy customer.

The locals used to call it maggots corner.


Don L - At the 12 step convention in Reykjavik, he will put a smile on your face and get you to think a bit.

Not this one god, you are not getting this one!


Katie P, a solid message about self and the steps, she has a great sence of humor.

Plan B, the show didnt come off very well, but still... let me run that show!


Karl M telling his story at tumbleweed.

By the time I was 14, I was the neighborhood drunk and drug dealer

The recording quality of this is a little sharp.


Ralph W. telling his story, sober at 44.

I thought poetry and bizarre behavior were identical


Carla R of CA, Paddy P of South Africa, Judi O of VA. 

This was recorded at AA International in Atlanta, so it sounds a bit hollow because of the huge space.


Harriet R in Florida, a Navy woman who signed up for a tour of duty in North Africa in 1942.

AA is a lot like sex, if your not enjoying it, your not doing it right.


April 23, 2017

Earl H - Steps 1 and 2

Earl H talking about the first 2 steps. At some point I have to live it!

This ends a little abruptly, it is part of a workshop on the steps.


Leslie is a very funny guy that carries a great message about learning to live the steps.

Is he gay or just european?


Joshua H. from Toronto, Canada speaking at the North Shore Roundup in Vancouver, Canada - 2009

It was the small actions.


April 20, 2017

Mickey B. from London UK

Mickey B a pretty funny guy from the UK, who puked on the queens lawn and puked on a lawn in queens!

So is the cat!

This is a fair quality recording, it sounds a bit fuzzy and I have cleaned up the tone as best I can. 


Casey R. gives a great talk at an ICYPAA convention, she is an excellent speaker who "does well in institutions"

"We have discovered a common solution, a way out on which we can absolutely agree" NSFW


Joshua H. - Telling his story about being young in AA at a ICYPAA confrence, I really liked what he has to say about the willingness to change.

Are you trying to tell me your name is dick head?


Chris S & Peter M, each giving a pretty good talk about sponsorship in AA, each of them does about 30 min.

"Outline the program of action"


Solis R. telling his story at the Living Sober Roundup, he is a very funny guy and even provided a powerpoint!

"Wanting and willingness are not the same thing."


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