September 30, 2020

Bill W - Lois W - Ebby T and Sister Ignatia all speaking at the 25th Anniversary Int Convention (good audio)

On July 1st AA celebrated its 25th Anniversary with an International convention in Long Beach California. Introductions to the event by (in order of speaking) AA founder Bill Wilson, Lois Wilson, Ebby T, and Sister Ignatia. (Great audio quality)

After introductions Bill Wilson tells his story (as told in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous) with new insights, speaks on meeting AA Cofounder Dr. Bob S.(The Dr’s Nightmare), Dr. William Silkworth (The Dr.’s Opinion), the founding of AA in Akron OH, The writing of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a Humorous recounting of the Rockefeller’s Foundation Dinner that brought AA into the public eye, launching AA’s Growth.


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