Ancel C. telling his story, I have no idea when this was recorded, or where.


Evelyn T. speaking at the 50th Annual Buffalo Fall Convention Buffalo NY, 10/91. She is a very funny woman. I really enjoyed listening to her, she got sober in 1953 and was 71 at the time of this speak (38 years).

There is a bit of a pitched tone running through this audio I managed to dull it a bit, it is a little annoying but she was so impressive to listen to I thought I would put it up regardless.


It seems appropriate to put a couple of the earliest members of AA up as the speakers on Memorial Day weekend.

Charlie B the 6th member of AA speaking on his 92nd birthday in NY in 1982, he was sober 48 years at the time of the speak, he got sober in 1935. He also talks about yesterdays speaker Bill D.

Unfortunately this ends abruptly in the middle of a thought he is expressing.



It seems appropriate to put a couple of the earliest members of AA up as the speakers on Memorial Day weekend. (tomorrow AA #6)

Bill D the third member of AA speaking in Canton, OH in 1950. AKA: The man on the bed.

The quality of this audio is just ok, its about as good as I expect for 1950, I have cleaned it up as much as I could.


The book Alcoholics Anonymous in audio format, this begins with the Dr.'s Opinion (no preface or forward) then to the chapters and ends after the first 3 appendix. (6 hours)

If you are watching bandwidth use wifi this file is 110 megs.


Adam G. from Bellingham, WA the young people's speaker at the Olympic Roundup last weekend

May 20 2017

I had a vague idea what I was doing was not to smart


Charlie & Katie P, going through the steps at Wilson House over a weekend (Feb. 2011).

Each tells a bit of thier story to start, then the steps one at a time in depth.

This workshop is 9.5 hours long and the file is 175 megs. if you are watching your bandwidth download on wifi.


Marty M the first woman in AA sober since 1939 speaking in New York at the Greenfield Hill Group in 1980.

She was the author of the story - Women Suffer Too - in the 2nd edition of the big book.

I belonged there.


Mary L. Great Falls, MN telling her story at the Inland Empire convention Oct. 2001.

This is just under an hour long, at about the 50 min. point the audio file was messed up, rather than leave that in to annoy you, I removed it and put in about 5 seconds of tone. There is also a clunking noise at the start that goes away pretty quick, otherwise it is very listenable.


David K. from Anchorage, AK telling his story at the Alano Club in Reykjav, Iceland. June 27th 2004

I had a box of rubber checks


John grew up in San Francisco, he has lived and worked in many countries, he is speaking in Leusden Netherlands at Experience Strength & Hope (08/16/2003). 

I really enjoyed this guys speak, he tends to jump around a bit when it comes to topics, I didnt care and fyi... the recording sounds slightly hollow.

AA has no opinion on outside issues, I have plenty of them.

FYI - A few f-bombs on this one, this makes me happy, if it does not make you happy, skip it.


From a catholic good girl .... to a magnet for party people.

Jane D. from Tallahassee FL, Flint River Roundup , Albany GA.  2011


Kerry, she got sober at 18 and gives a pretty great talk on the steps, it has some q&a at the end, the questions can't be easily heard but the answers make the questions fairly clear. Sound is slightly hollow.

Victoria, Australia VicYPAA 2013


Lesbians-Gays in AA-Being a Part of AA as a Whole in Atlanta, AA International 2015 - 7/4/2015

Held in the 8,000 seat Hall

Chair: Eric L- CA
Jeanette H- NC
Tim B- Hong Kong
Rosemary R- GA


Seven speakers from the dog on the roof group, all with over 20 years sobriety. 

Speaking at: Indian Wells Valley AA Round-Up, Ridge Crest CA.


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