November 30, 2017

Ruth S sober in 1972

Ruth S sober in 1972 speaking at the 9th. Sierra Nevada Roundup in Sparks NV. in 1986


November 29, 2017

Peggy M sober 33yrs

Peggy M speaking in 1997 at NCR Seaside Or, she was sober 33 years at the time of this talk


November 28, 2017

Aron W. from Calgary Alberta

Aron W. from Calgary, Alberta speaking at the Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Roundup in Lethbridge, Alberta - April 2010


November 27, 2017

Workshop: The 12 Steps (2 hrs)

Ted H from Riverside CA leading a workshop about the 12 Steps with focus on relationships. Some Q&A, this ends abruptly.


November 26, 2017

ESH: Audrey C

Audrey C speaking at an unknown meeting


November 25, 2017

ESH: Joel B

Joel B from Baltimore MD speaking at an unkown meeting.


Ron N (sober 14 years) speaking at A Bit Off-the-Wall in 2009, he is a pretty funny guy - LGBT.

This sounds a bit hollow but its listenable, the sound quality is better in the first half than the second half. I had to do lots of noise removal on this one so the voice is ok, but it did make the applause sound a bit wierd.

q3.png nsfw.png

November 23, 2017

Topic: Steps 1-3 (Mickey B)

Mickey B. from London, UK speaking about steps 1, 2 and 3 at the Men Among Men Group's first conference in Copenhagen, Denmark - August 2009


November 22, 2017

Topic: The Family Afterward

Tanya and Coleen speaking on the topic of - The Family Afterward at the Spiritual Awakenings Group Bernardsville NJ 2004



Mike R from Bend OR, speaking at the Live at Pine Lake Speaker Meeting held every Saturday Night in Seattle, this was in May of 2016


Samuel speaking for about 20 min, then Vicky (sober in 1983) speaking at the N. Oakland AA Saturday night speaker meeting - Sept 2016

q3.png nsfw.png

Sybil W-C giving a workshop in 1982 on Sponsorship, at the time of this workshop she had been sober 41 years and had the distinction of being the first female member of AA on the west coast. 

This is an older recording and I removed much of the noise, its a bit harsh but listenable.

There was another speaker and some Q&A at the end of this that I removed because of a number of homophobic comments made by the other speaker at the workshop, I delieted him entirely. The comments were not made by or echoed by Sybil, she is great but the other guy not so much.


Tomas G. from Winnipeg Canada speaking in 1983 at Fellowship By The Sea in Georgia


November 17, 2017

Topic: 12 Traditions

Larry T speaking about the 12 Traditions at the Pirates Den in Linwood Scotland - Sept 2013


Keith D from Yorba Linda CA speaking in Nashville July 1989, he is a funny and engaging speaker.

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