Bill S. from Las Vegas, speaking at the XV Beartooth Mountain Conference in Big Timber MT in June of 2007


Four speakers at the Road to Recovery Plymouth UK, Richard B, Kay E, Billy  and the main speaker Mickey B


Bob S, sober in 1975 conducts a 2.5 hour workshop on AA History in July of 2014  Bob S. 


Aris S, Scotty A. and Steve N conduct a workshop called, Magic & The Power of the 12 Steps at the 42nd. Atlanta Men's Workshop in Rock Eagle Georgia in 2002


Rebecca H speaking in June of 2016 at the Live at Pine Lake Speaker Meeting held every Saturday Night in Seattle


Barry L sober in 1945, speaking about the origin of the 3rd tradition at the 50th World Conference in Montreal in July 1985. He was the first openly gay member of AA. 

Tradition 3 - The only requirement for A.A. membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Barry passed away 3 weeks after this speak.

Barry is the author of the book Living Sober and was a great friend of Bill W and his wife Lois.

In 1978 Lois gave the original manuscript of the big book to Barry, and in 1979 Barry signed a notarized letter gifting the manuscript to A.A. World Services. In exchange, he asked only to be able to keep it in his possession until his death.

Somewhere between 1979 and Barry's death in 1985, everyone at A.A. World Services apparently forgot about this arrangement. The whereabouts of the manuscript remained unknown until it reappeared at an auction house in 2004, sold by a “Joseph B.” for $1.5 million. It was auctioned again in 2007 to Alabama resident Ken Roberts for $992,000.  A few months later, according to court documents, A.A. World Services rediscovered Barry's notarized letter.  

Last month (3/18) the manuscript was once again auctioned off, this time for $2.4 million.



Jennifer S sober for 7 years speaking at an unknown roundup in 2005


Lou M from Kingston TN got sober in 1941 and was 46 years sober at the time of this speak at an unknown event



Lorna K. from New York NY. speaking at the 13th. Annual Music City Roundup in Nashville TN. in 1994. She is a very funny woman in a cape!


Layla McC of Stafford TX speaking at the 2003 Tennessee Conf of Young People in AA.


Two speakers from the Road to Recovery group in Plymouth UK. We start with Alison speaking on her 10th AA birthday followed by Dave K speaking on his 20th.



16 year old Ruby (7 months) opens the meeting at the North Oakland AA speaker meeting as the 10 min speaker followed by Chris who was sober 10 years at the time of this speak in 2014

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Adam T speaking at the Soberstock Roundup in Aberdeen SD in 2008


Theresa F from Van Nuys CA speaking at the Gopher State Roundup in 2013, funny lady with a great message.


Charlie Y speaking at the 22nd Back To Basics Workshop in Savannah GA in 2011


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