Three speakers sharing at the 12th Step Panel meeting at the 19th MCYPAA confrence in Grand Rapids November of 1997


September 29, 2018

ESH: Jeff

Jeff telling his story at the 5th Tradition Group in Atlanta GA on an unknown date.


September 28, 2018

Sister Maurice speaking in 1990

Sister Maurice speaking in 1990 at the New York Intergroup Meeting at 16 years sober, she has a great sence of humor.


September 27, 2018

Poz telling his story in 1983

Poz speaking at the Alano Club of San Jose CA in 1983.


September 26, 2018

Topic: Steps 1 and 2

Bill C. from Torrance CA got sober in 1985 and is speaking at the 22nd Woodstock of AA Spring Conf in May 2012 on the topic of Steps 1 & 2.



Christie P sober in 2009 telling her story in 2012 at an unknown meeting.



Beth H of Cary NC became sober in 1988 she is telling her story at the Crested Butte Mountain Conference in 2011.


6 Speakers on Being Rocketed into 4th. Dimension at the 4th Dimension Convention in McComb MS from 2011


James Houck is the speaker, at the time of this recording in 1996 he had been sober 60 years, getting sober in 1934. He is not a member of AA but is a member of the Oxford group. He is speaking as a guest of AA at this particular meeting, and presents a very interesting perspective on the early days and formation of AA.


September 21, 2018

Topic: A Design for Living

Randy P then Jimmy C speaking at the 52nd Atlanta Mens Workshop on the topic of -- A Design for Living.


Addie H from Sacramento CA speaking at the 21st Unity Day in Ripon CA in 1998, she grew up around very early AA and has a really interesting perspective on AA history. We featured her speaking once before Here.

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September 19, 2018

ESH: Charlie B from New Orleans

Charlie B from New Orleans LA Speaking at The 22nd Cornhusker Roundup in Omaha NE


The We Agnostics & Atheists Panel conducted in 2010 at ICYPAA 52 in New York.

Oops on yesterdays intro, it has been fixed if you want to listen to it again.


Five 10 min speakers at the 23rd anniversary of the Road to Recovery group in Plymouth UK


Stacy got sober in 2012 she is the 15 min. opening speaker at the Sunday Night Speakers meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous in Seattle, Oct of 2015. Stacy is followed by Mckenzie telling his story, he became sober in 2005.


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