Ebby T was an old drinking friend of Bill W and later his sponsor in AA. He is credited with introducing Bill to the initial principles that AA would soon develop, such as one alcoholic talking to another.

If you would like to learn more about Ebby there is a very good book about him "Ebby: The Man Who Sponsored Bill W."

He sparked the creation of AA but was unable to maintain long term sobriety. Bill always called Ebby his "sponsor," and even though he had returned to drinking, Bill looked after his friend's welfare for the rest of his life. Ebby struggled on and off with sobriety over the years, and ultimately died sober in 1966.

This is the best quality recording I have found of Ebby, he is speaking in 1958 in Memphis TN.  http://amzn.to/2FDjK9r


Ebby T - An early member of AA referred to as Bill W's sponsor, speaking in San Jose in 1962. Well worth a listen if you are interested in early AA.

Pretty good audio quality for the 60's