October 3, 2019

12 Steps - 12 Speakers - 6 Days: Steps 5 and 6 (Part 3 of 6)

This is Part Three of: 12 Steps and 12 Speakers in 6 Days, this episode is Steps 5 and 6.

This is from the 2012 Primetime Mens Retreat held in Joshua Tree California. During the retreat twelve speakers each take a step, the speaks are 20-30 min long and I have combined 2 steps into each day giving us a 6 day series. This retreat has been going on annually for a number of years and the next one is this month (Oct 2019).  Retreat Website

I would really like to post a womens retreat that was led by women, however I cant find one can you help? Email: sobercast@gmail.com

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