April 5, 2020

AA History: A presentation by the executive director of Stepping Stones about Bill & Lois (Repost)

This audio is no longer available, it was removed  at the request of Stepping Stones.

This one is not an AA meeting per se, so if you need to hear a meeting please choose another from our list. This is for those of you that occasionally enjoy a bit of a deep dive into some AA history.  (Repost)

If you are even slightly interested in learning more about Bill and Lois and AAs creation I really recommend giving this a listen.

An excellent presentation by the executive director of Stepping Stones about Bill & Lois and the AA Way of Life, at the 1st Annual Jersey Shore Roundup, NJ. Recordings of both Bill and Lois are part of the presentation and there is about 2 min of Bill playing his violin. Stepping Stones foundation was founded by Lois as a way to pass on their home and its contents to the future, it has been a historic landmark since 2012. http://www.steppingstones.org

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