June 15, 2021

Barry L and Lisa J speaking at Big Apple Roundup (LGBTQ)

Barry L who was sober 35 years at the time of this speak, entered AA when it was 10 years old in January of 1945. He was speaking at the Big Apple Roundup in 1980 and gives a great speak with a ton of AA history, but its not history he heard, its history he participated in. 

Barry went on to write the book Living Sober and was a great friend of Lois. In 1978 Lois gave the original manuscript of the big book to Barry, and in 1979 Barry signed a notarized letter gifting the manuscript to A.A. World Services. In exchange, he asked only to be able to keep it in his possession until his death.

Somewhere between 1979 and Barry's death in 1985, everyone at A.A. World Services apparently forgot about this arrangement. The whereabouts of the manuscript remained unknown until it reappeared at an auction house in 2004, sold by a “Joseph B.” for $1.5 million. It was auctioned again in 2007 to Alabama resident Ken Roberts for $992,000.  A few months later, according to court documents, A.A. World Services rediscovered Barry's notarized letter.  On 3/18 the manuscript was once again auctioned off, this time for $2.4 million.

We have a great speak from Barry on the origin of the 3rd Tradition from May 26 2018 Click Here

Next up we have Lisa J speaking at the same Roundup however her speak is from the 1997 event, she was only sober 18 months at the time of this speak.

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