August 18, 2022

Book Study: We Agnostics - Chater 4 (Multiple Speakers)

Today we have a book study on the topic We Agnostics presented by four folks from the Big Book Awakening Womens Book Study group. This was two separate book study meetings both on the same topic so you get multiple perspectives. Its fairly obvious when it switches from one meeting to the next. Zoom

One quick fyi, it did have an audio dropout of around 5 seconds on one of the meetings, so I removed the dead air and added a click track so you know what is what.

This recording was provided by, The Big Book Awakening, a Womens Big Book Study for all who identify as Women and/or LBTQ+. They meet in person every Saturday in St. Paul Minnesota at 8:30am. If you would like to join them please visit


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