November 20, 2020

Multiple Speakers: Nicole H (5 years) and David B (LGBTQ and 27 years) both listener submitted

Both of these speakers were sent to me by listeners of the podcast, If you have someone you would like to share just visit our website and you can upload the file there.

First we have Nicole H She is sober just under 5 years and is from Phoenix AZ she is telling her story at the 1st Anniversary of the Phoenix Friday Night Young Peoples meeting in Sept. of 2020. Slight hum at the beginning of this but it clears up about 2 min in, it also sounds like an outdoor meeting, so the occasional car noise.

David B was 27 years sober at the time of this (zoom) speak where he tells his story at theĀ  Hollywood Squares meeting held Saturday nights in Hollywood California, an LBGTQ and allies meeting open to all.Recorded in May of 2020.

We just added a new (large) list of meetings held in Europe to our website (link below) and many thanks to Dan F for sending it along, it is a mixture of skype and zoom meetings.


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