July 8, 2022

Workshop: Tim M - How To Sponsor Someone Through Steps 1-7 (Part 1 of 3) 6 hrs

Workshop: Tim M - How To Sponsor Someone Through Steps 1-7 (Part 1 of 3) 6 hrs

Tim M does an impressive job leading this workshop that was held over 17 sessions on the topic of: How To Sponsor Someone Through The Steps. I have broken these down into 3 parts to go up over 3 days. Tim takes the lead for the first 45 min of each session, after that he takes questions from the participants. Recorded from the end of July to the middle of November in 2021, also a quick thanks to Tim for his help in getting these out to you.

This was recorded over zoom so the audio quality is very good, however there are a couple of zoom dropouts. There was also good deal of dead air during the Q & A, I have gone through all the audio removing a much of that as possible along with balancing the audio levels. Since this has multiple sessions on each episode I added a very brief click track between the sessions to help you differentiate them.

I originally posted the topic: Games We Play With Sponsors and many of you emailed asking for the entire series, sorry it took so long but there was a lot of editing to do. If any of you want all 3 episodes as a single file email me and Ill send you a link to download it.

To download the written material Tim refers to CLICK HERE

Part 1: Steps 1-7 ( Six Hours )

Steps 1-3 each get an hour, Step 4 gets 2 hours and then Tim covers steps 5-7 in the last hour.

Part 2: Steps 8-11 (Four Hours)

Each Step is covered for about an hour

Part 3: Step 12 and Two Additional Topics (Seven Hours)

Step 12 is covered over 5 hours and then we move into two additional topics: Sponsoring Relapsing Sponsees and Games We Play With Sponsors each of those are about an hour and those two may not be in the correct sequence but it seemed the best place to put them.

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